Tech Toys for Planning a Geeked Out Event

Tech Toys for Planning

Themed events are certainly en vogue today. You see weddings, charity events, fundraisers, birthday parties and general get-togethers with a reoccurring them on a regular basis. One trend in event planning is to utilize a geek theme for a high tech event sure to please all in attendance.

What might one decorate with at a techie event? What food and games could go along the geek theme? What location might work best? What type of party? What party favors can be given out? These are all common questions that come up when planning an event.

For a totally geeked out techie event follow these party planning tips and you’re sure to have an event that is memorable and fun.

Techie Birthday

Throw a creative birthday for your favorite loved one or friend who is a bit on the geeky side. Hosting a geek themed birthday party could include quite a few elements. First choose an awesome location such as a comic book store, used bookstore, library, gaming store, arcade, chess club, bowling alley or have a house party.

Next up you need creative invitations. Have fun using references to Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, or your guest of honors favorite comic book. Even a simple invite with a picture of nerdy glasses on the front could be a worthwhile theme on your invite.

Techie and geek party favors and décor are next up. Check out your local party supply store and see what they might have. Plastic glasses for everyone to wear are a fun addition to the party. Having video games available such as Wii or old-school Nintendo can give partygoers something to do while in attendance. More technological and geek party ideas may be found here on this visit this website:

It’s all about the little touches with things such as wind-up salt and pepper robots from Uncommon Goods, nerdalicious drink recipes such as “The Hulk” which includes Midori and Absinthe, or if you can get your hands on a set of Google Glasses everyone will go bonkers.

Techie Weddings

A new and growing trend is techie themed weddings for the high tech geek couple. Not just in theme as is common for tech events, but in planning and execution at the wedding. Technology has helped change the way we plan weddings, from utilization of social media to help find ideas to use of high tech gadgets to add pizzazz to your wedding day. To discover more about cutting-edge wedding technology trends, visit this website:

For a high tech wedding, brides and grooms have utilized live streaming for their weddings, a nice high tech touch for sure. Using QR codes for the invites is another tip for the high tech couple planning their nuptials. Digital guest books and using iPads are on other way to integrate high tech into your wedding. Digital frames are also popular at these themed weddings. Additional items may include:

  • USB flash drive cufflinks for groomsmen
  • Bride and groom keyboard dusters as party favors
  • USB designed in tungsten rings
  • I-Fairy, 4-foot tall robot, can “marry you”
  • LED lights installed in a wedding dress or groomsmen tuxes

There are endless options for the tech savvy individual looking to integrate high tech touches to their special day. From birthday parties and gatherings to weddings and special days, high tech geek additions can make your event a smashing success.

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