Staging Your Home: Easy Ways to Boost Appeal

Staging Your Home

It does not matter that all the stuff in your home will no longer be there when the new people move in, or that they can repaint the walls to a color more their liking once they take up residence, or that they can easily transform your box-filled spare bedroom into their home office easy peasy. Potential home buyers who are truly good at looking past what is to see what could be, are few and far between. First impressions are powerful, and if your home is not up to snuff, they will just not be feeling it. You want to create a space that they can see themselves living in from the get-go. Staging can help you achieve this goal, and no matter what your budget, it is possible to improve the appeal of your home through various means.

Clean Up the Front

About 90 percent of people looking for houses start on the internet. Before they even express interest to their real estate agent, many prospective buyers may cruise past your home to get a better idea if this is a house worth looking at. The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. You do not need to spend a ton of money either. First and foremost, give everything a good power washing, from the sidewalk to the exterior of your home. A few flower pots can go very far in brightening the space. The door is the focal point, so repaint it or get a new one if it looks a bit worn. If there is room, place some furniture on the front porch, even if it is just a small table and chair. Replace an old, dirty mailbox and consider some solar lights to line the walkway.


Repainting may be time intensive, but few things will give such a significant impact for a relatively low cost. Fresh paint can transform a room. And if your walls are painted in potentially ‘’off-putting’’ colors (you may love the bright pink bedroom but a lot of people may not), repainting is really not an option. Neutral, sophisticated colors are the way to go, like a nice mocha. Remember, we want to make the house look like a house they could live in now.

Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the high points of interest for home buyers, and you never know who will be looking at your house. An ultra-macho bedroom or a frilly one that screams ‘’girly girl’’ are not the best motifs for this space. This is one space where that neutral wall color is particularly important. Pick comforters, curtains and accents in colors that could work for a man or woman. Depersonalization is also particularly important here when creating a gender-neutral space.

Don’t Forget about the Dining Room

The dining room, the table in particular, can be a neglected aspect of the home when it comes to interior design. But, it plays a very important role in your staging efforts. Absent a family and some food on the table, it can look a bit bare and lifeless. Get a nice table cloth and matching placemats. Instead of one large vase of flowers that may look overpowering, consider lining up a series of smaller arrangements.

De-Clutter and Depersonalize

De-cluttering and depersonalizing your home is a core foundation of a successful staging. It may be a bit time-intensive and require you to rent some temporary storage space, but the effects are worth it. A home free of clutter is more inviting; if a prospective buyer sees your stuff oozing out of every corner, he may worry there is not enough storage space, which can be a big minus. It can be hard to see themselves there if they are surrounded by all your family photos and various collections. Get rid of the piles of books in the den, remove all the little ‘’treasures’’ found throughout your home, keep counters in the kitchen and bathroom essentially bare. Examine each room and determine whether it could do with a bit less furniture.

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