Marketing Secrets: How to Make Your Advertising Signs Stand Out


Anyone can make an advertising sign, but it’s a little harder to make it grab attention and stand out. Good advertising is an important part of your business’s success; so read on to learn how to make your advertising signs stand out:

Command Attention

Your advertising sign needs to command attention, to put it simply. You need to create a message using graphic design or text, which conveys why your product or service is essential to the publics needs.

Does your product solve a common problem? Show that using graphics or text on your ad! Tip: don’t crowd your ad with too much information. It should be easily readable, from a good distance.

Choose The Perfect Colours

Colours in a sign can actually be very effective in conveying an emotion without using any words at all. The right colours will attract attention and convey a mood to a large audience.

Know Your Audience

Too many signs fail to do their job because the company hasn’t done their research properly. Knowing and researching your target audience will tell you what kind of graphics you should use and the message you should be conveying.

Any type of advert needs the market to know who uses their product and why those people should purchase it.

Use Imagery

High definition imagery is well received by many audiences and will make an advert stand out. One great image will say a lot about your brand, your product, what you do and who you are.

Don’t Copy Your Idols or Competitors

Almost everyone has someone that they look up to, however; you should never be tempted to copy someone you admire, or even a competitor. Your idea should be totally original and suited to your own target market.

Use A Great Sign Company

Using a great sign company is very important. You want to know that your needs will be listened to and your requirements met, so you should choose a company you trust to do this for you. IVC Signs Limited is just one of the sign companies out there that can help you to create a quality sign that grabs your audiences attention.

Make Your Sign Easily Distinguishable

One big mistake people make when designing their advertising sign, is trying to make it blend into the background around it. If you want your sign to stand out then you need to do just that – make sure it’s easily distinguishable against it’s background. Use contrasting colours to help you (as well as colours to create a mood, as mentioned before).

Change Your Sign Often

If you can, you should change your sign fairly often to make it instantly noticeable. Change the colours, the size, the shape, the tagline, everything you can to make it noticeable to your audience.

A badly designed sign is totally pointless – it’s money wasted and has no point in being out there at all. Take the time to properly think out your sign using these secrets, and it will definitely stand out!

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