Popular Types and Styles of Radiators Available to Buy

Styles of Radiators

For decades interior designers and builders alike have favoured using stylish cast iron radiators as a heat source in the homes they design and create for their discerning customers. The trend has caught on with many home owners now realising just how cost effective it is to install these traditional radiators in their houses. With heating costs going up all of the time, cast iron radiators prove themselves time and time again as being some of the most energy efficient heat sources around, which makes them the most popular types and styles of radiators available to buy for the home.

The Victorian Radiator: A Brilliantly Efficient Design & Heat Source

When it comes to a classic design, the Victorians certainly got it right. Today, these same designs are paired up to ultra-modern radiator technology and the result is an attractive heat source that is also considered as a real feature in a room. The bonus of course, is that cast iron radiators boast being extremely energy efficient which means home owners can enjoy a nice warm house without having to cope with enormous energy bills.

Lots of Classic Designs for Every Room in the Home

Some of the most popular designs are those which people like to fit under low windows. Not only do these classic and low radiators fit into a space that other radiators would not, but they also add a cachet of style to a room, not to mention making it wonderfully warm and cosy with no unwanted cold spots.

The Heated Towel Rail is a Bathroom “Must Have”

When it comes to heating a bathroom, there’s nothing nicer than having warm tiles too. Heated towel rails in bathrooms are now considered as “must have” features in any home. There are some gorgeous designs which make it that much easier for people to find a model that fits in perfectly with a bathroom décor whether it’s traditional or ultra-modern.

Column Radiators Look Great in Period or Modern Homes

Column radiators have always been a very popular choice with home owners of a certain age because they remind them of their school years when a lot of educational facilities around the country boasted these lovely designed radiators. However, the radiator we see today may look like those of old but they are now more energy efficient than ever. Home owners can set the thermostat of each individual radiator in their homes to a chosen temperature and set the timers to come on when they want them too as well – features that were not available in days gone by.

A Fantastic Choice of Designer Radiators Available

There’s a brilliant choice of designer radiators on the market these days with a model to fit into just about every décor imaginable whether it’s an ultra-modern look or something a little more traditional. Many people find that the modern take on older designs fits in perfectly with the style of their homes and as such opt for a classically designed radiator. The best part is that you can have a different style and type of radiator in each and every room of your home should you wish to do so. They will perform perfectly well on the same central heating system – all thanks to the modern radiator technology that’s available today. Visit sites like the Radiator Centre to select from the widest choice of radiators available.


With the price of heating a home going up all the time, people are looking at ways to cut their energy bill down wherever they can. However, at the same time, home owners want to keep their houses nice and warm during the winter months and have found that traditionally designed cast iron radiators offer them the perfect solution to both problems. Their houses are warm throughout the winter, but their heating bills are kept nice and low.

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