Getting the Most Out of Your USB Drive

USB Drive

A USB drive definitely comes in handy when you’ve got lots of files to download and save and there’s not enough room on your computer. You can even customize the drive by choosing one in a bright color or one that is decorated with your favorite brand logo. Connecting your USB drive to your keys ensures that you won’t misplace it and have it on hand when you need it. But there’s more to the USB drive than just using it as an external hard drive. Here are some additional benefits that allow you to make the most of this tiny device. To discover more about the three USB types visit this website:

Turn Your USB into a Suite for Apps

Use your USB drive to download all the apps you need to work efficiently. There’s a suite of tools that assist you in running any type of software right from your small USB. And you can organize the apps the way you want them so they’re easy to find. PortableApps is the most popular program for this, but you can also try WinPenPack, which works well for downloading several professional, music, and video apps as well.

Windows to Go

Did you know you can run the Enterprise version of Windows 8 from your USB pen drive? You’ll need a drive that is 32 GB or bigger, but these are easy to find at most office supply stores. There’s even an online guide on how to set it up here. If you work from Windows every day on your laptop you may not find this immediately useful. However, if you have to travel or are away from your computer for any reason, you can still recover all your files, create new files, and send attachments from Windows 8.

Use your USB for Dropbox or Google Drive

If you started working on a file on a public computer or were using someone else’s PC and remember that your files are on Google Drive or Dropbox, your USB drive absolutely comes in handy. Your drive will run the portable version of these programs in case you don’t prefer the Web versions of Dropbox or Google Drive. You can set up Dropbox separately or through PortableApps, and Google Drive portable can be utilized via SyncDocs. To discover more, and read about the benefits of using Dropbox vs Google Drive, visit this website:

Your USB Can be a Rescue Drive

If your PC has been acting up lately and is infected with a virus, your USB drive can save your life—or at least your important files. Anti-spyware programs like BitDefender and AVG provide you with the option of creating a rescue drive or CD so you don’t lose important files if your computer shuts down due to a virus or malware. Ultimate Boot CD is also a functional option, and when these files are saved on your USB, you don’t have to worry about losing files like work reports or memorable family pictures.

Your USB is a Bootable Device

It’s pretty outdated now to use a DVD or CD to install an operating system onto your computer, and the process isn’t exactly convenient. So, why not use your pen USB drive to make a bootable version of the operating system you use most often. Your drive even has the capability to boot a number of operating systems.

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